BEASTLY (Phoebe Reede: The Untold Story, #3)

BEASTLY                                                        MICHELLE IRWIN

Not all things are exactly as they appear.

Beau Miller thought his happily ever after had returned in the form of the girl with the seafoam eyes. He never expected the second heartbreak at her hand. 

When her father, Declan Reede, turns up with murder in his eyes, Beau discovers that the break-up might not have been what it seemed. He must solve the mystery if he’s to find his girl. 

How can he and Declan rescue their princess when she’s been taken by someone with beastly intentions? And will they make it in time?

     This book picks up where book two left off.  The thing I liked about it the characters themselves give a great update as to what happened prior giving you the crash course without losing any drama from the current place now.
     This story keeps you going and thinking but not in the actual romance and tension of sexual need is missing.  But the intrigue
And the mystery is so it is a new kind of trade off to figure out who could have forced Phoebe’s disappearance.  Because she is not a girl who is easy to talk into anything.  So, it had to be done against her will.  At 50% of the book, I already had four suspects.
     So, when ready, see if you really think Beau Miller could be the one.  There are a few obvious ones but there is one who no one could be noticing.  I couldn’t wait to see if I was right. 
     I was right but the ending was not what I was expecting.  Although the book was not exactly the romance I was hoping for the suspense was a new and different type of reading for me from this writer to be reading and it was interesting.
     You do get to see the dynamics of relationships Beau has with people around him.  How he handles himself under stress.  Which by the way his somewhat better than Declan’s yet I’m not sure.
     I am not too sure where Angel and Phoebe will end up in the end of the book series.  I have my questions about Angel. I give this book 4 stars.  Provided by author for an honest review. 

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