OCEANSIDE MARINE                                    JENNIFER ANN

Fresh out of the Marine Corps, Braden Kendall has settled into a comfortable routine in SoCal with his 3-legged dog and a handful of good friends. Despite being undeniably handsome and perceived as a lady’s man, he’s lonely and tired of meaningless hookups. 

After becoming pregnant in her teens, Katie Walker dedicated her life to raising her two sons, putting any romantic notions aside until they flew the nest. Now that she’s on her own and free to date, she struggles with putting her needs first.

Though Katie and Braden aren’t related by blood, their families are intertwined by marriage, making a relationship seem forbidden. Katie always found the cocky Marine attractive, but their considerable age difference made him off limits. Little does she know, Braden has been crushing on her for years and can’t get enough of her quirky personality. When they meet up in Vegas for a family celebration, Braden tries to convince her that their age different and families don’t matter. Will Katie be able to push aside her insecurities and survive the scrutiny of those closest to her in order to have a future with Braden, or will their relationship be over before it has a chance to begin?

     What a fun different spin on how we fill an act toward age differences of couples.  The gap was about ten years and it was the guy who was younger this time.
     The two had known each other for a while.  In fact, their families were pretty entwined by marriage over the years.  Katie Walker had gotten pregnant at fifteen.  Then again by the same baby daddy, who had stepped up at the time, again at seventeen.  He was trying to right by her and help out.
     With their son Connor he thought he could manage but when she got pregnant with Allen (of course that happened all by herself.)  He lost it and walked out on them.  She became a single mother at seventeen.  If it hadn’t been for her Rockstar brother, Charlie, and her parents, she would have been in a world of hurt.  Jason is a dead-beat dad and she did her best to be both to her boys.  Never feeling like she measured up as either one or both.
     Yet, she never dated, hardly ever went out with friends, and she worked hard to provide what she could.  Which she actually did really well.  Her brother married into the Kendall family which is huge.  Talented and beautifully sexy people.  One always seemed to catch her eye all the time.  He was Braden Kendall an ex-Marine.  He was the youngest brother of her best friend Evelyn, who is married to her brother.
      Sharlo and Evelyn used to be roommates when Evelyn moved to NY from Minnesota.  Sharlo is with James one of the twins and oldest brothers to Evelyn and Braden.  The other twin is Hunter who has not found a partner yet either.  But Katie just knew she could look at Braden and nothing else all day long but he was too young for her.  The funny thing is they were each other’s fantasy.  They were lusting after each other.  When they were around each other they were sparring partners.  You know foreplay.  They just loved to bicker.
     Braden said he loved the way she was such a tiny little thing but with a spitfire personality.  She would always put him in his place.  When he finally makes his move, she is so caught off guard she scolds him as if he were her child.  He was pissed and told her that he was no child that in fact, he was an ex-Marine and all man.
     See how these two try to figure out and maneuver a relationship they are not sure can happen or survive.  Or at least one of them thinks that way.  See who supports them and who doesn’t and why.  Funny with comedies of errors.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided netgalley.com.

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