A COUNTRY LOVE SONG (Smoky Mountain Knights, #1)

A COUNTRY LOVE SONG                                  SINCLAIR JAYNE

After ten years playing coffee shops, singer and songwriter Sutter Knight has finally cracked the top ten on the country music charts and is winding down her first tour. To celebrate and reconnect with her Smoky Mountain roots, she heads home to Sweet Tea, Tennessee only to discover the historic theater where her love of music was born is about to be torn down. Worse, her high school sweetheart who used to perform with her is spearheading the project. More disturbing–his deep blue eyes and smile still have the power to kick up her heart rate and make her forget her own name.

After college, architect and contractor Dawson Yates returned home for family and to build his business and reputation. What better way to achieve his goals than to transform a damaged and dangerous community eyesore into a hotel that will bring jobs to Sweet Tea? Dawson doesn’t expect to meet strong and charming resistance from the woman he loved and hasn’t forgotten. Sutter might be vowing to stop the demolition and put his project at risk, but soon, Dawson’s more worried about losing his heart again.

It’s been ten years but finally, Sutter Knight feels like she has finally made it in the country music business. All of those late nights working two jobs to make rent and then to pick up any singing or playing back up for someone in their band. She has now just finished headlining her own tour and has decided to go to her hometown of Sweet Tea Tennessee. When she arrives she notices that the theater in the main part of town is closed and finds out that it is getting ready to be torn down. This puts her direct conflict with the project manager her and ex-boyfriend Dawson Yates. When they finished high school he got a full ride to Brown an Ivy League education and is now an architect, she went to Nashville the school of hard knocks to become a country star. Now they are both thrown for a loop when seeing each other and not only do they have the past to sort out but also the future. They are both still in love with each other but for me Dawson is a jerk especially always giving her an all or nothing line, wanting her to walk away from her career without even trying to make it work. My only problem with the story is the author never has them sit down and talk about what happened ten years ago and all you get is his side and she cannot tell him her point of view. Other than that it is a cute story. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave this book 3 stars. Follow us atwww.1rad-readerreviews.com

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