HEALING THE QUARTERBACK (Wildhorse Ranch Brothers #2)


Charlie Wild knows how to score. On and off the field he’s been a force to be reckoned with since his father taught him how to throw a spiral in the back pasture of Wildhorse Ranch. But a recent injury calls into question his ability to play football and points a finger at his wild child reputation. He’s been given an ultimatum: overhaul his image by renovating his hometown hospital or get off the field.

The last thing Dr. Dylan Rose needs is yet another man telling her what to do and certainly not what to do with her hospital. She’d left Houston and the sports stars she’d fixed there, tired of watching big bulky men beat each other up for fun. So when Charlie Wild limps into her hospital she wants nothing more than to fix his hot body up and see that great ass walk out the door.

Charlie is taken by the sexy doctor. Her sweet smile hides a sharp tongue that he enjoys baiting just about as much as he loves kissing it. He’s on board for following her prescriptions and more than willing to teach her new ways to score in the sheets. But when it comes to the final seconds of this play he’s going to have to decide what is more important: The doctor he’s learned to love, or the game he just can’t quit...

Charlie Ward is a womanizer football player, the top quarterback and has gotten injured. He goes back to his hometown to recover. There is supposed to listen to his Doctor Dylan Rose, who is a top sports medicine doctor, she is also beautiful and left Houston because she was tired of men telling her what to do. Charlie, of course, is attracted to her and does the opposite and does not listen to her and actually injures his knee worse. Though this book was a very quick read and there were parts that I liked, the premise of her leaving Houston to get away from controlling men just doesn’t work because Charlie controls everything from their first meeting. She tried to remain tough but it was like she gave up too soon with all of the wants that he was putting on. She was not as tough as she was made out to be and Charlie came across as a big jerk who she actually was trying to save his image not worrying about her own. Thought it could have been a better story. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 3 stars. Follow us atwww.1rad-readerreviews.com

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