His head in the clouds until he meets the woman of his dreams.

Elliott Grayson routinely unlocks the mysteries of the sun, moon, and stars. But understanding faculty politics, social niceties, and beguiling women? Not so much. After a childhood of being touted as the next Einstein, he’s all grown up and looking for challenges outside the lab. Relocating to a new city, taking on a new job, and joining the Good Riders motorcycle club should be enough for him, but he wants more.

Although pianist Audrey Cameron’s area of expertise is lightyears away from Elliott’s, her aura of mystery, commitment to others, and tragic past intrigue him. Renowned as a child prodigy, Audrey performed all around the world until a kidnapping attempt at age seventeen left her shaken and withdrawn. Eight years later, she continues to shun the spotlight and keep men at arm’s length. And yet, she finds something undeniably appealing about Elliott.

Despite Audrey’s reluctance to trust again, Elliott’s determined to banish her fears and overcome his own insecurities. As their attraction grows, will their star-crossed paths merge to create a melody that lasts a lifetime?

Jacie Floyd writes contemporary romance, romantic comedy, and emotionally rich stories with heart, heat, hope, and humor.
From the time, she read her first Nancy Drew mystery, she's been an avid reader and writer in a variety of genres. While polishing her craft as an unpublished author, she was honored to be named a six-time Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Finalist and two-time Golden Heart winner. Finally giving in to the inevitable, she abandoned her day job in order to self-publish the kind of stories she likes to read and write. Three years later, she’s published a Christmas novella & 4 books in the Good Riders series, 3 Billionaire Brotherhood books, and the first book in the Sunnyside series.

Award-Winning Contemporary Romance Author
The Sunnyside Series: Everybody Knows Available on
The Billionaire Brotherhood: Winning WyattDaring Dylan & Remaking Ryan Available now on
The Good Riders series: Meet Your MateCursed By LoveMeant For MeFace The Music, & Happy This Year (A Christmas Novella)Available on all e-platforms

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