Grappling for Position (Against the Cage, #4)


Willow Scott is sweet, innocent, and 100% untouchable. She’s the epitome of everything MMA fighter Regan “Rapscallion” Matthews has always wanted, but will never have. A woman like her deserves more than a scrapper from the wrong side of the tracks—the Scott’s charity case.
Unfortunately for Regan, his best friend’s little sister is all grown up and she’s tired of playing by the rules. When Willow sees something she wants, she goes after it—damn the consequences—and her sights are set on him. With a shot at the Welterweight title finally within his grasp, Willow Scott is a distraction Regan can’t afford. But this willful woman is determined to make him tap-out.
Willow has been in love with Regan Matthews since she was in pigtails and braces. Over the years, she’s all but given up hope of her brother’s friend returning her affection, but a part of her never stopped praying that someday he would see her as more than Kyle Scott’s annoying little sister. If Willow has her way that’s all about to change, and Regan must decide if he’s willing to risk losing his best friend and the Welterweight title for a woman he doesn’t deserve but cannot live without.


This is a very powerful book about relationships. One is with Willow Scott and her brother Kyle who since their parent’s tragic auto accident left college and took over raising her. She of course rebelled at every chance she could get. He chose to get into MMA fighting like his best friend Regan “Rapscallion” Matthews, who has been fighting since he was a teenager and loves it. Also Willow has had a mad crush on Regan forever. He of course has looked after her also and has gotten her out jams now though he is getting them both into the biggest one of both of their lives when he tells Willow that he has liked her for years. When she decides to move out from under her brother’s control she moves in with Regan and though he tells her they should tell her brother they wait. This all comes to a head when they are getting ready for the biggest fight that either one has ever been in and end up fighting in the gym first. Now he must somehow fix his career, friendship with Kyle if possible, and now make sure Willow knows that he is committed to her. There is a lot going on in this book but the author pools it off and makes it work. She brings you to the end where you are still wondering what is going to happen and that is a sign of a good author. This is a very good book to go along with the other books. I got this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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