All Over the Map: True Heroes of Texas Music (North Texas Lives of Musician Series)

ALL OVER THE MAP:                                   MICHAEL CORCORAN

A lavishly illustrated collection of forty-two profiles of Texas music pioneers, most underrated or overlooked, All Over the Map: True Heroes of Texas Music covers the musical landscape of a most musical state. The first edition was published in 2005 to wide acclaim. This second edition includes updated information, a bonus section of six behind-the-scenes heroes, and fifteen new portraits of Lefty Frizzell, Janis Joplin, and others, spanning such diverse styles as blues, country, hip-hop, conjunto, gospel, rock, and jazz. D.J. Stout and Pentagram designed the reborn edition, with photographer Scott Newton providing portraits. Michael Corcoran has been writing about Texas music for more than thirty years, for the Dallas Morning News and Austin American Statesman, as well as in such publications as Texas Monthly and Spin. These pieces are based on his personal interviews with their subjects as well as in-depth research. Expertly written with flair, the book is a musical waltz across Texas.


I really enjoyed reading this book. First of all some of the musicians I have heard about or listen to already. Some like Janis Joplin I did not know that she grew up in Texas or even some of the struggles that she went through, so I can understand why she left to California the bay area and the way some of her music was. The author takes you through Jazz, Blues, rock, gospel, country, hip-hop, and conjunto. But it was finding out about King Curtis, Ella Mae, Arizona Dranes, Cindy Walker, Washington Philips, Billy Joe Shiver to just name a few I had never heard of. But pick up this book and look for some of the people that are mentioned in this book because all of them have some way been part of music history. Blind Willie Johnson lead to so many blues players along with T- Bone Walker, who are both in the book and Walker who wrote a great blues song “Stormy Monday”, also influenced B.B King. There are others of course Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Selena. Anyway you get what I am trying to say about this book. It is a very good book and a must read for any music fan. I got this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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