ARTIFICIAL SWEETHEARTS (North Pole, Minnesota #2)


It’s not chemistry between Tinka Foster and Sam Anderson that made them agree to a fake date. With her parents trying to set her up with an annoying student golf coach, and intentionally single Sam’s family pressuring him to bring a date to his brother’s wedding, they could both use a drama-free summer.

So it’s not his muscular arms and quick wit that makes Tinka suggest they tell everyone they’re both taken. Definitely not. And it’s not butterflies that makes a kiss for appearances during the lake party go on way too long—so long that Sam wishes it were real.

But Tinka keeps people at arm’s length—she’s always been second best, even to her parents. And her relationship-for-show could crush everything when she realizes she’s done with fake, pretends, and second-best.

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains bikinis at the lake, a lot of making out in dark theaters, and a meet-cute you’ll read twice.

     Secrets and fears can cause you to make decisions you wouldn’t otherwise make under normal circumstances.  This story is a perfect example of just that.
     Although at first, this book was a little confusing to follow because the female character Tinka was having mini-conversations about different situations that happened in past, present, and her hopes for the summer.  Yet, Tinka Foster was dealing with huge guilt.
     One, she was coming home from boarding school that her parents all of a sudden last school year, they decided she was going to.  Being that she’s the type of child that has to make her parents happy, due to what happened…, she went with no arguments.  She has been pissed ever since at them.  So, she went from Minneapolis to South Carolina for the school year.
     Two, she’s dealing with being a party animal and a drinking fish this last school year.  The polar opposite of herself.  How else was she going to dull the pain of being removed from her life?  But to make it worse the night before she and her roommate who was going to be staying with her and her family for six weeks, Jane left the next day, they went to the blackout party.  That wasn’t the bad part.  The bad part was her trying to make out with Jane’s ex but one kiss told her it was and she left.  But now the dog won’t stop texting her and Jane won’t top texting him because she wants him back.  What a triangle.
     On their way home from the airport, Jane even with a hangover realizes that they are going home the wrong way.  She asks where they are going because she is just too tired for one of her parent’s outings.  They proceed to tell her that they moved to a completely different house, in a totally different city, and it’s three hours away.  She is not happy but what can she say?  She’s the good girl the one that always goes with the program. Tinka finds out her life is about to take another drastic change and she goes into a bit of a tail spin.
     You see her parents were the helicopter parents with her due to what happened…but now her parents have turned into party animals visiting with friends, and buying a beat up home and fixing it up in a resort community.  Tinka feels like a boat set adrift with no directions or purpose.
     Until she meets Sam Anderson.  A handsome college blonde, movie geek, that lives right next door.  Then she feels grounded maybe for the first time in her life.  Once they have that first fake kiss as fake sweethearts to through off their families who keep trying to fix them up.  It’s a game changer. 
     This one book, once it painted an easier picture to follow and I got the rhythm of the authors writing it was funny, witty, book, of everyday occurrence that can cause rifts and tear families apart.  I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by

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