Austin (American Extreme Bull Riders Tour #7)

AUSTIN                                                             JEANNIE WATT

Business whiz Kristen Alexander achieves—that’s what she does. She’s set goals, made the right moves, enjoyed the rewards of hard work and careful planning… That is, until she’s abruptly fired from her banking job in Reno, Nevada. Now she’s scrambling to make ends meet, job-hunting by day and waitressing in the casino by night. The last thing she expects is to run into a hometown guy—one who could easily blow the lies she’s been telling her friends and family about how well she’s doing.

Bull rider Austin Harding is having an amazing season touring with the American Extreme Bull Riders Tour, and he’s enjoying every second of his success—working hard and playing hard as he fights to win the money at the end of the tour. But his focus on the big prize wavers when he runs into hometown girl Kristen Alexander during a Reno tour party. Why is the woman who once told him that he would never amount to anything slinging drinks in a casino? After the way she judged him years ago, he feels entitled to some answers… But the answer he gets is not the answer he expects.

Will Austin be able to set aside his resentment over their shared history to give their attraction a chance to ignite?


Bull rider Austin Harding is sitting with some other riders in a bar in Reno when he believes the waitress that took their order is none other than Kristen Alexander. The girl who in their senior year in high school told him he was going nowhere and being nothing. He is now trying to figure out why she is working as a waitress in a bar when the last time he spoke to her twin sister she had a job in a bank in Reno. But wait the shock is she gives him a different name and actually plays it off until he recognizes the scar on her back elbow that he looked at when he did show up for math class. Kristen cannot believe her luck first getting laid off then of all the people to come in Austin, not only a bull rider but from her home town. later that night he catches up to her in the parking lot which goes okay, but then the next day she is let go from her job as a cocktail waitress. Now faced with having to go home and not wanting to spend more money than she wants to she heads to the arena to ask Austin if he could give her a ride to Reno, which is part way to Montana. He has her stay for the rides and wins that night and says he will but they need to stop at a friend’s place. There they help for the day with branding and later that night he decides to give her a ride all the way home. The ride and the time together give both of them time to act on their feelings that they had for one another during high school but did not. When he leaves to go back out on the tour after a couple of weeks she goes with for a bit then comes home and she finds herself watching more of his rides and waiting for his calls at night. Everything changes for him when one of his friends is hurt real bad and he decides to break up with Kristen. That is until a few weeks later when he is dragged around by a bull and ends up in the hospital. His family can’t go to him and call her and she has to decide whether to go to him or go to an interview in Reno for a new job. Read this story and see if she stays in banking or becomes a cowboy’s wife. A very good book. I got this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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