Gage (American Extreme Bull Riders Tour #8)

GAGE                                                                 KATHERINE GARBERA

Gage Powell might have made his debut on the professional tour a little late, but that hasn't stopped the 24-year-old from taking the circuit by storm. He rides with a rough style that's reminiscent of his brother, famed bull rider Marty Powell, who was killed just a few months before Gage's 18th birthday. When Gage rides, it's as if he's riding for more than himself. 

Sierra Montez has grown up around the rodeo and is used to the swagger of the bull riders. She thinks she's immune to their charms until she comes face-to-face with Gage in a business meeting. She tries to keep their meeting professional, but Gage wants Sierra and he isn't a man who ever backs down from what he wants. While Sierra finds him exciting and hard-to-resist, she wants more for herself than following a gold buckle winner around the country. 

Can Gage convince her that he's more than his reputation and that she's the only prize he's really after?


Gage Powell has decided to come back to bull riding after years of working on off shore oil drilling in the Atlantic, in Scotland. He left after his older brother was killed riding a bull years ago and his father said some very unpleasant things to him in the hospital. Now his dad is dealing with Alzheimer’s, and his mom asked him to come home. He must figure out who he is riding for him or his father. Sierra Montez has grown up around the rodeo and is now part of the marketing of her families Jean company and has come up with a plan with the new riders for the year. One of the ones she is dealing with is 24-year-old rookie Gage, who she remembered watching six years ago when his older brother was killed and Gage was just 18. Like everyone else, she has been wondering what he has been doing because part of her promotion is having the rookies taking pictures with their shirts off and she is blown away by his appearance. Later when she does something out of character for her she does not know if she should feel bad or not because of the way he treats her. That is when her father decides to put them together and they end up spending time together at his parent’s ranch and she begins to see the problems he is having. As much as she wants to be with him, he must deal with his issues with his father before they can even think they could have a chance at a future together. Both of the lead characters have issues with their fathers and both must work through them in order to have a future. Overall a good book not my favorite of the ones that I have read so far, but still a good book. I got this book from I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at

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