Designing with Succulents


Designing with Succulents


What I liked about this book is that there is a description or an encyclopedia of every plant. I found this to be exactly what I was looking for. The hardest part is to identify plants that I do not know, and this book answers those questions for me. It also has ideas about planting in pots and around your garden, and even if you are doing a pound what vegetation or plants that would be good. The ones that are good for a large amount of water and the ones that don’t need it so much. I also liked how she termed some of the plants' cacti before describing them as succulents. Growing up in the desert I always looked at them as cactus even though some could hold water. Now everyone wants to lump them all together, so I was happy about the difference. The photos are very good quality, as are all of the descriptions of the designs and helpful suggestions in the landscape. Overall this is an excellent book for any gardener or beginner. I got this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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