The Scars Between Us

SCARS BETWEEN US                                     M. K. SCHILLER

Emma Cooper is determined to fulfill her mother’s dying wish to scatter her ashes with Aiden Sheffield in Linx, Texas. Just one problem. Why Texas and who the hell is Aiden Sheffield? The only clue is a faded piece of her mother’s stationary. Emma imagines Aiden is a former love of her mother’s, but when she meets the beautiful, damaged stranger, she realizes her assumptions couldn’t be more wrong. He’s hot and young. And Emma is as confused as ever.

Aiden Sheffield would rather go to hell than Linx. Who does Emma think she is disrupting his carefully built life? The last thing the Marine needs is to slice open the sealed wounds of his painful past. Yet, as he gets to know the lovely Emma, a woman who manages to smile even though she’s lost everything, he changes his mind. He will not let her go to hell alone.

But neither is prepared for the devastating evil waiting for them at the end of the road. It might just destroy them.


Emma Cooper is dealing with the loss of her mother and the life that she has known, and now she is driving to Oregon to find someone who she does not know to ask them to go with her to Texas. She is still trying to figure out how her mother knows this person and who this person is when she arrives at what she thinks is the place. She does not know for sure because she does not actually meet Aiden Sheffield until later. Wondering if this person could possibly be a lover of her mother’s she dismisses that thought. She finds out that he owns a dog rescue facility and that he works out every day because he is an MMA fighter. When she finally gets around to telling him who she is and why she is there he does not want to go to Linx, Texas. What he is working on is talking her out of going herself. After she goes on a rescue with him and sees everything he does, he changes his mind and decides to go with her with the idea that part way there he can change her mind. The story has many different twists and turns that are unexpected. Just the trip to Texas you find out things, but once they get there it takes a whole different turn. A very emotional story that will draw you into the two main characters and you as the reader will want her to leave Linx as well. Overall a good story and I certainly did not see some of the things that happen before they did, so it was a good book. I got this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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