Face Off (Nashville Sound #1)

FACE OFF                                                         ALICIA HUNTER PACE

Emile Giroux has vowed he will be everything his stepfather is not: cultured, charming, sophisticated, and—above all else—a rich, successful NHL star. One of the top goalies in the league, the French Canadian strives for more, still haunted by his troubled childhood.

Amy Callahan was a freelance professional organizer until an ambitious, domineering boyfriend took over her life and cleaned out her bank account. Once indispensable to the stars, Amy now finds herself with no money, no house, no phone, and nowhere to go.

When Emile finds Amy literally kicked to the curb, he seizes his latest chance to rescue a damsel in distress—only Amy doesn’t want to play that game. In fact, she’s determined to put men on ice in her life permanently. Can they find a way to let love win?


You met Amy Callahan at the beginning of the book and you are drawn to her. Shortly after the book begins she is left high and dry by her live-in boyfriend. She is also penniless, homeless, and the guy sold her car. He also stole the 5 million she got for selling her company. Now sitting at a bench Hockey Goalie Emile Giroux who plays for Nashville sees her and remembers her from earlier in the day when he was in his teammate’s wife store. Now wondering why she is just sitting outside he stops and this begins her journey of finding out how bad it is when she realizes that they live in the same apartment building. The thing is her apartment has been sold and they find out that her ex-started everything s month ago. Now nowhere to go Emile says she can stay with him and eventually hires her as a personal assistant. All is going well until she finds out that her ex-got married and she has told Emile not to do anything, but he does. When she receives all of her personal belongings back, yes her ex-took everything. All she had was the clothes on her back and $84.36. So she called her father in Georgia to come and get her which he did and took her back to the families peach farm. Now Emile had to first figure out what he did and then where she went. I really enjoyed this story, from Emile’s sister to the trainer and his stories about him and his wife. A very good story and the hockey action was good as well. Overall a very good book. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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