Christmas with My Cowboy


“The Snow Man” by Diana Palmer
Meadow Dawson needs Santa to deliver a solution to her management of the Colorado ranch she’s inherited. Cattleman Dal Blake just wants his pretty neighbor’s dog to quit digging under his fence. This Christmas, the unexpected gift of love will surprise them both.
“Kassie’s Cowboy” by Lindsay McKenna
A brutal blue norther is battering Wyoming just in time for Christmas when solitary former Marine Travis Grant finds his childhood sweetheart, Kassie Murphy, injured in her car just beyond the ranch where he works. For Travis and Kassie, this snowy silent night will be one last chance to put the painful past behind them—and treat the wounds only love can heal. 
“Her Outback Husband” by Margaret Way
Scott and Darcey MacArthur were the perfect couple, devoted to their life together on the family cattle ranch. With one blistering rumor, it ended in heartbreak—but Scott’s mother has a scheme that will reunite them in the Outback for a holiday that will prove it’s the season for forgiveness.


This book has three stories in one book. The first one by Diana Palmer was just okay. The male lead character I did not care for at all. His attitude towards Meadow and the way he enjoyed to embarrass her even as an adult just showed how much he was not a cowboy or a man he was especially after her father had passed away. The second book by Lindsay McKenna, goes with the Whiskey River series if you read those and has a vet’s and childhood friend’s reconnecting. They are also dealing with his PTSD while he has helped her from her car accident, now can they stay connected not just for Christmas, but afterward also. A good story. The third book takes place in the outback of Australia and for me I found this to be a little choppy. Overall not bad I was glad for the middle story. I got this book from I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at

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