Here Comes the Bride (Chapel of Love #3)

HERE COMES THE BRIDE                           HOPE RAMSAY

For Professor Laurie Wilson, planning her wedding to longtime boyfriend Brandon Kopp has been a whirlwind. But somehow, between all the cake tastings and dress fittings, she never imagined being left at the altar. In the aftermath, she does what any sensible woman would - she swigs champagne and considers keying his car. Until someone knocks on her door with a much better idea for revenge.

Best man Andrew Lyndon thinks Laurie's better off without Brandon. But Laurie's father - and Andrew's boss - isn't going to accept anything less than a reconciliation. And he's made it Andrew's problem to solve. So Andrew decides to make Brandon jealous by setting Laurie up on a string of "dates." After a couple of weeks, Brandon will be begging Laurie to take him back. But Andrew's plan works a little too well because suddenly he's the one falling for Laurie -- and planning a proposal of his own.


I have read Hope Ramsay “Last Chance” series and as much as I like that series. I was disappointed in this book. There were parts of the story that I got and understood, but overall I was just left feeling huh. I mean first the groom walks away from the bride at the altar and every guy but one from his side of the family thinks it is the bride’s fault really! Laurie Wilson the bride has been with this jerk (feel free to add any other word or words you wish), for 10 years and has changed her life for him. As a father, I say good riddance, but no people actually think they should get back together. WTF are they talking about? In real life, I say if it took him ten years to get to the chapel and he still walks away good. She already gave up a great job at Michigan the University bought a house she really did not want, used her money to secure the honeymoon that by the way that she did not use, he did with a cousin. When you get into the story and you realize the person she should be with of course will realize this at the end when she really is still thinking about marrying the jerk again, who still has not paid for anything. Anyway, you see where I’m going. I did like the female bridesmaids who were in her corner and the groom’s sister Roxy who actually said her brother was a stupid for not marrying her and so were her cousins for blaming her and not her brother Blaine. Me personally I would read the author’s “Last chance series”. I got this book from I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at

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