Crazy in Love (A Love & Harmony Romance #1)

CRAZY IN LOVE                                             CRYSTAL B. BRIGHT

R&B singer Chantel Evans had it all, until the Princess of Love Ballads lost everything. First, a very public betrayal by her lover and the death of her mother lead to a career-ending mental breakdown. Then, at the same time, her attorney makes off with all her hard-earned fortune. The only chance she has of resurrecting her career is in the recording studio her mother left in her name . . .

When struggling country star Truman Woodley has his recording duet with a sultry young singer fall flat at Chantel’s studio, Chantel is faced with a rare second chance—until Truman’s vindictive ex-girlfriend turns the pair’s sparkling debut into grounds for a custody battle over their son. But Chantel has discovered more than sweet vocal harmony with Truman. She’s found something worth fighting for. And when Truman surprises her with a kiss after a live television performance, the whole world will find out just what it takes to be crazy in love . . .


The story opens with R&B star Chantel Evans having a meltdown on stage the same night that they buried her mother. Now months later broke her manager, uncle and the same man who told her to go on stage. Says she has no money but owns the recording studio that her mother had, and also she had signed one act before her death. A country band with the lead singer Truman Woodley who is easy to anger. This would come up in the story from time to time. From the time of the first met though they liked one another neither one would give in to the other if there was a suggestion made about a song. Truman felt since he wrote every song each and every word could not be changed and would not listen. This would go on for more than half of the book until his custody battle for his son and he finally decided to come up with a solution. From the very beginning, I liked both Chantel, Truman, his son and her cousins, and most of the guys in the bad except for Sully. I also did not care for her uncle and the way he treated her and always said he was looking out for her but I felt he was really looking out for himself. The story between Chantel and Truman really takes off when they take off to Charlotte going after his son who was taken by his ex-girlfriend. During this drive and the time together with their relationship really blossoms and you find out so much about both of them that you begin to rote for them to make it. But alas you are only half way and their story still has a way to go. The last part of the book for me is actually better than the beginning and that is what makes this authors books so enjoyable to read. Having her other series I am glad I found her starting a new one. I enjoyed the story, characters, and the plot. Overall a very good book. I got this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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