Return to Glory: The Story of Ford's Revival and Victory in the Toughest Race in the World

RETURN TO GLORY                                      MATTHEW DEBORD

In 2015 at the Detroit Auto Show, Ford unveiled a new car and the automotive world lost its collective mind. This wasn’t some new Explorer or Focus. Onto the stage rolled a supercar, a carbon-fiber GT powered by a mid-mounted six cylinder Ecoboost engine that churned out over 600 horsepower. It was a sexy callback to the legendary Ford GT40 Mk IIs that stuck it to Ferrari and finished 1-2-3 at Le Mans in 1966. Detroit was back, and Ford was going back to Le Mans.

In Return to Glory, journalist Matthew DeBord tells the recent story of Ford. A decade ago, CEO Alan Mulally took over the company and helped it weather the financial crisis and a stock price that plunged to $1 a share, without a government bailout. It was enough for Ford to dream of repeating racing history. DeBord revisits the story of the 1960s, details the creation of the new GT, and follows the team through the racing season, leading to Le Mans in June, 2016. This fabled 24-hour endurance race is designed to break cars and drivers, and it was at Le Mans that Ford’s comeback was put to the ultimate test.


This book opens up with the Ford company winning the Lemans 24 HOUR race in June of 2016. This was historic marking 50 years since they won in 1966. Beating Ferrari which they had been battling with the entire race and took the lead in the 20th hour, another Ford team came in third and another ninth. The author then takes you back in time when the company had fallen on bad times and their stock prices had tumbled to $1.00. Without any assistance from the government the only car manufacturer that did not take a bailout. They made the comeback themselves. Redesigning engines and models. The author also goes into the auto industry itself. For me personally and I know there are books out their already but really an in-depth look at the Mustang, and their Triton engine that has been in most of their trucks would have added to the story. Having both a mustang and a vehicle with a Triton, our Triton engine has over 225,000 miles and is still performing great. Overall a good book but probably geared for a geared head, pun intended. I got this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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