A Hummingbird Christmas (Glacier Creek #1)


Abandoned as a child on Christmas Eve, he has no use for the holiday season. When his best friend’s widow arrives in Glacier Creek, Montana, determined to give her small daughter the fairy-tale Christmas she’s dreaming of, Cole is prepared to dislike her. He isn’t prepared for Joy and her daughter to insinuate their way into his life—and his heart. But when tragedy strikes, he needs a Christmas miracle to fulfill the one wish he never knew he wanted.

Joy Holliday believes in miracles.

She sees hummingbirds everywhere, and believes they are tiny messengers from Heaven. Despite losing her husband four years ago, she is determined not to dwell on the past, but to look to the future. Her entire world revolves around taking care of her daughter, Piper, and ensuring she has a magical Christmas. In Glacier Creek she finds Cole, a man still smarting from the wounds of his past, determined to keep happiness at arms’ length. Can she save Christmas and show him the promise of a future with her?


The book opens with Joy and her daughter driving from California to Montana to see her husband’s parents. She is a widow her husband a firefighter, died fighting one. Now she has decided that since her daughter is five that it is time for them to go to Montana and for Piper to have a white Christmas. Once there after surviving getting run off the road by Cole, her husband’s best friend who was plowing the roads. She realizes that the grandparents don’t have any decorations up and all of the pictures are gone as well. Now it is up to her and her daughter to change their home. The biggest change comes in the form of Cole who was abandoned on Christmas and does not believe in the whole season. What he does believe in is Piper and when she is lost he finds her and he begins to change. He also begins to see Joy as someone he is attracted to and wonders if that is right or not. You see story goes along as hope about second chances and new beginnings. Will they stay in Montana, will she and Cole get together? Read this wonderful story to find out. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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