Just One Look (Lingerie Covers #1)

JUST ONE LOOK                                             JOAN REEVES

Payback is a bitch, but in JUST ONE LOOK, a sexy romp of a romantic comedy, payback is smoking hot and funny!

What would you do if the gynecologist subbing for your regular doctor turned out to be your old high school crush? Successful psychologist Dr. Jennifer Monroe does what any normal, well-adjusted woman would do. She makes an excuse to send the doctor and nurse from the room, dives into her clothes, and flees!

Unfortunately, her running away makes conscientious Dr. Penrose conclude she has some kind of sexual hangup. He's determined to refer her to another doctor for her health's sake. If he can just talk to her, he'll suggest counseling for what he thinks are emotional problems.

Jennifer refuses to take his phone calls, and she plans to never see him again. After all, Dallas is a big city. What are the odds that she'd ever run into him again? Even money when Fate lends a hand.

When Jennifer and Matt meet at a charity gala, he earnestly urges her to seek professional help. Jennifer is incensed that he seems to think she's some frigid old maid. All the old high school resentment floods back, fueling her determination to teach him a lesson he won't soon forget.

You know what they say about payback! Well, this payback is a scorcher. Kids play doctor, but these doctors play seduction games. And they're playing for keeps.

Will Matt recognize Jennifer? Will Jennifer lure him into her bed? Seduction and sex can be pretty funny when both sides play dirty!


This is a funny story about a female psychologist Dr. Jennifer Monroe who goes for her gynecologist appointment and finds out that her regular doctor is on vacation. She will be seen by her doctor’s new doctor. Only that when she is told the name Penrose she dismisses it because her crush from high school had the same name but it could not be him. When he walks in and she recognizes him she grabs her clothes and flees the area. This now begins her avoiding his calls. That is until a charity ball and wouldn’t you know it he is there. Once he tracks her down and begins to talk to her she realizes that he still does not remembers her and he thinks that she has a sexual hang-up. Going with his story she asks for his help and to keep it hush, hush because she would not want her colleagues to find out. Here is when the story funny part begins to overtake and it really does become a comedy until you get towards the end. Overall this is a good book with good characters. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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