A Texas Christmas Reunion (Whiskey River Christmas #2)


Years ago, Harlan Sullivan broke Savannah Taylor's heart. Now, he's back in Whiskey River as the new owner of the local construction company–and Savannah's new boss. Giving up Savannah was the hardest thing Harlan ever had to do, but it’s way past time to explain why he did. Besides, after fourteen years, they have both moved on. Or so he thinks—until their unexpected meeting at Felicity’s Christmas Ball shocks him into realizing his buried feelings—and secret passion—are very much alive.

As long as she keeps a tight grip over her emotions, Savannah is confident she can weather having her old flame become her new boss. She’s even willing to indulge the desire that time seems to have intensified. But there’s no way she will let Harlan anywhere close to her heart.

Harlan soon realizes he wants more from the sexy, sultry Savannah than a temporary affair and sets out to convince her that this time, their love will last forever. But it will take a bit of Christmas magic from the Harwood Inn ghost to bring this reluctant banker’s daughter and determined Barrels Bad Boy to their happily-ever-after.


Savannah Taylor is living her life simple and having to go to the local ball that she has helped put on her only worry is who is the person that bought the construction company she works for, and will she still have a job. That is until she sees Harlan Sullivan the one person who broke her heart in high school. Trying to stay out of his eyesight does not work and after one meeting the rest of the night they are put together. It is during one of these encounters that she finds out that he is the person who has bought the company. Wondering if it will be a problem to work for him she finds herself still attracted to him. She also still wonders what made him walk away from her years ago. Harlan can’t believe that Savannah is actually prettier now than when they were in school and the more time he spends with her he wants to start up with her again, but knows that if she asks about what happened back then he will have to tell her. When all of it comes out she is not ready to hear that someone close to her made him leave and has been trying to run her life for years. Now it is up to Savannah to choose her own path or stay the course. A very good story, with good characters. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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