The Phantom Punch: The Story Behind Boxing's Most Controversial Bout

THE PHANTOM PUNCH                               ROB SNEDDON

Journalist and sports historian Rob Sneddon takes a fresh look at the infamous Muhammad Ali–Sonny Liston fight on May 25, 1965, which ended in chaos at a high school hockey rink in Lewiston, Maine. Sneddon digs deep into the fight’s background and comes up with fascinating new takes on boxing promotion in the 1960s; on Ali’s rapid rise and Liston’s sudden fall; on how the bout ended up in Lewiston—and, of course, on Ali’s phantom punch. That single lightning-quick blow triggered a complex chain reaction of events that few people understood, either then or now. 


The author takes you back in time when boxing was the true sport of champions. He takes you through the process of the man who was able to bring the fight to Maine of all places. This being the second fight between Liston and Ali. How the fight came to take place in the Lewistown Maine in a High school gym, the hockey rink. Even how the town was able to accommodate all of the people for the fight, T.V. and other press, radio, and just the average person that wanted to be there. The difficulties with security and so much more that was not even part of their thought process at the time. You also get a look back at the first fight. A look into both of their career’s to this point, and what both had been doing until the agreement of the fight. Then around by round description of the fight up to the controversial end where even that has people saying two different things. For me I found this to be an excellent book about a famous sporting event that shows you all of the different sides and the outcome for everyone involved. From the fighters to the man who worked to bring the fight to the town to the town itself. A very good book about a totally different time. I got this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us on 

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