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Five years ago Peter Watson discovered at the back of the London Library a dusty volume written by a one-time member of the Pinkerton’s Detective Agency. Inside was the electrifying story of a young Sicilian who in the 1890s fled his native country to reach New Orleans, where he found employment with relatives on the dockside. Within months he was to become one of the city’s most notorious gangsters, and the Mafia had hit America. From this true life story, effectively unknown until now, Peter Watson has fashioned a superb novel of suspense. 


A very good story about the raise of the mafia in New Orleans. Follows two men from Sicily who have to leave there and then there raise through the ranks in America. Along the way he has weaved true accounts into this story that for me made it an enjoyable read. Though I had read about them separately it was a nice piece of writing putting the stories together. When you get to the end of the book the author gives you the actual true accounts and you will see that other than for some names, and a few other parts to make the story all of the events really happened. The problem is because they took place in New Orleans they are not talked about. Overall for me I thought this to be a very good book and worth the time to read. I got this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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