Witness in the Dark (Love Under Fire #1)

WITNESS IN THE DARK                                ALLISON B. HANSON

Deputy Marshal Garrett McKendrick does not get involved with witnesses he's tasked to protect. Especially when his boss has a very personal reason for keeping Samantha Hutchinson alive. Can you say off limits?

But as Garrett battles to keep Sam safe from the powerful and influential people out to silence her—permanently—he finds she's strong, feisty, and willing to risk everything to tell the truth. And totally irresistible.

Losing everything you know and love might just be worth it to meet an amazing man like Garrett. But when Sam learns he has been keeping secrets from her—big ones—she’s convinced his affectionate words were all for the sake of the job. She sends him packing. But can her new protective detail be trusted? The last team betrayed her to the enemy...

Garrett isn’t about to take any chances. Not with the woman who has stolen his heart.


This story begins with Samantha Hutchinson witnessing a crime and after reporting it and ending up in the hospital people still not believing her. Everything begins to change for her when U.S. Marshall Garrett McKendrick arrives and he is the first part of her detail to protect her. She realizes her life is changing but at the same time she is still leery of people she meets because of what happened after she reported the crime. Now the time spent with Garrett is intense but he only takes her to the next set of Marshalls. This is where the story picks up and you find out who is the dirty people and who are really the good ones working at getting her to testify. The time that she and Garrett have spent together have Garret reevaluating his look at his life and what are his options as well in the future. A for intense story at times with drama, action, some love, and what will happen at the end? Will she make it to trial, is there anyway the two of them could be together? Read this book and find out. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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