High Stick: Jarret (Nashville Sound #3)

HIGH STICK                                                    ALICIA HUNTER PACE

Two twentysomethings struggle to let go of their idea of a perfect world on and off the ice in this emotional third book in the Nashville Sound series.

Ambitious, smart, and straightlaced, Nashville Sound forward Jarret MacPherson is determined to walk in the footsteps of his All-American hockey-playing grandfather. He prides himself on doing the right thing above all, with ethics so sharp they could cut the heart out of a saint.

Hard-working Merry Sweet toils by day in a paper shop and coffee bar in Sound Town and at night at the arena, cleaning, selling concessions, and taking tickets. Jarret notices and admires Merry’s determination and believes her when she says she needs money for law school, even offering to help solve her financial problems.

When she refuses him, his esteem for her only grows. But when the public catches wind of their budding relationship, a surprising secret from Merry’s past comes to light. Now, Jarret must decide if he’ll let his image take precedence over his heart and cost him the chance at something perfectly real.


This book is the third in the storyline and has a different take on everything. Jarrett MacPherson is always wanting and trying to do the right thing. He does not want any controversy or bad publicity going his way, he is so clean he even has Disney as one of the companies he endorses. He meets Merry Sweets who is a hard-working young woman and who is also putting herself through college. When you get into the story I found myself drawn to the character of Merry who made a choice to do something and because of that lost her scholarship, her job, and her dignity having to tell her parents. She is now working to achieve her goal of becoming a lawyer and is almost there. As their romance heats up and pictures appear of the two of them someone shows the picture of her from a few years ago. Now when he sees the picture of her being topless he becomes a bona fide a-hole. One of those people who says he has never done anything wrong when he has. She sticks up for herself after getting fired from another job. But yet it is okay for men to take off their shirts for calendars, but if a woman does it, it is wrong the double standard is pathetic. I will let you the reader figure out want happens at the ends there are a few twists that help the story along. I really like the Merry, character I am not so pleased with Jarrett but I understand the story but also know that there are people out there that have this double standard. Overall I liked the book and you get some update with some of the characters from the other books. A good book. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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