Love Game (Love Games #1)

LOVE GAME                                                    MAGGIE WELLS

Kate Snyder scored her first national championship in her undergrad days at Wolcott University, and now she’s a coaching legend. The last thing she wants is to work beside a washed-up coach escaping scandal, but the University hands her Danny McMillan.

Danny was hoping his transition at Wolcott University would go smoothly, but clashing with snarky Kate has made things difficult. Even as she finally lightens up towards him, a local reporter can’t get enough of their verbal fireworks on camera. What the cameras don’t know is that the sparks are even hotter behind the scenes…


This story opens with Kate Snyder and her women’s basketball team winning their third NCAA Championship while she is the head coach. She is a legend already at Wolcott University and has now just added to her legacy. The problem for her is that her contract is up and now when they should be talking about her team and championship instead the press conference is for the hire of a new head football coach. Not to be outdone she makes an appearance at Danny McMillan announcement as the new head football coach. Kate reminds everyone that the team has not won any games in the past four years, and that it would be nice to see a men’s trophy in the case since it has all of her championship trophies as a coach, one as a player, her Olympic Gold medal, Jerseys and other items all associated with the women’s program. He realizes he is in trouble a few days later when she shows up for one of his practices and as she is walking away someone yells heads up and she catches the football ease and throws it back. Now he is doubly attracted to her. The problem is he has a morality clause in his contract that forbids him from dating students or staff. There bantering lands them on T.V. but will it land them anywhere else? A story that shows the inequality and bigotry against women and women athletics, but also how two people are drawn to each other and what they must do if they want to be together. A very good book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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