Do Over

DO OVER                                                          SERENA BELL

Jack: I’m pretty much as tough as they come. But when a woman comes to me in tears, I’m jelly. Scratch that—when Maddie Adams comes to me in tears, I’m jelly. That’s how we ended up making our incredible son five years ago, and that’s why I practically beg her to move in with me when she’s in a tight spot. Of course, the last time I got the chance to be the hero, I let her down, but I’m not making the same mistake twice. This time, I’m going to be the man she deserves—and then I’m going to lay every ounce of sexy on her until she lets me back into her heart.

Maddie: Jack Parker is hot, and he knows it. What he’s not is a family man, something this single mom had to learn the hard way. Still, moving into his place until I get back on my feet makes all kinds of sense. He’s an old friend. He’s, ahem, the father of my child. And let’s face it, now that I’ve just been colossally dumped, we’ve got nowhere else to go. The truth is, I never could resist Jack. Living under the same roof puts dirty thoughts in my head. And when my brilliant plan backfires, my whole body is begging for a do-over. . . .

Do Over is a standalone novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a satisfying happily ever after. This ebook includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title


Maddie and Jack were best friends when they were kids, then drifted apart only to come together one night in college. That night would forever keep them together for they now have a son. He told her at the time he would help her, but he could not be the father she was looking for. Now five years later and still agreeing to the terms to have his son on certain weekends, it is his turn. The difference this weekend is that both his mother and sister are out of town and he must step up and deal with Gabe one on one. As the night progresses it takes a strange twist of fate, for Maddie ends up back at his front door with a problem. Now not being to go back to her own apartment due to her boyfriend and best friend in the throes of playing hide and seek. Now Jack did not like the guy anyway and lets her spend the night which turns into until she finds an apartment. The thing is that now he finds himself not wanting to hang out with his friends, or at the bar. He is turning down the automatic dates that he could always have and wants to get home, my bad their not a couple. Maddie finds herself still attracted to Jack, she has always been. It is more than just having Gabe. She also is giving him encouragement when his own father who is a jackass messes with his head. You find yourself wanting these two to be together, but she is still looking for a place and neither will tell the other one how they fell. Jack won’t even tell her the real story of the night five years ago which would help everything. Can these two get out of their own way? Read this very good book with many good characters, even Jack’s one friend who is a jerk needed to be in the story because every guy has at least one. A very good book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us

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