HEDGING HIS BETS (Brits in Manhattan #3)

HEDGING HIS BETS                              LAURA CARTER

A high-flying investor
New Yorker Jake Harrington loves a lot of things about living in London. His lucrative hedge fund job. The way British women melt at the sound of an American accent. His just-sex arrangement with his gorgeous roommate, Jess. And, oh yes, being thousands of miles away from the girl who betrayed him.

His sexy British flatmate
Jess’s deal with Jake suits her fine. No commitments, no risk of being hurt again, just friendship and mindblowing pleasure. And friends do each other favors, like agreeing to go on a trip to New York where Jake will have to face his past.

And a vacation that will change everything…
What friends shouldn’t do? Suddenly find themselves feeling something much more complicated than simple lust. When “no strings” is no longer enough, will Jake be willing to take the ultimate gamble?


     Can friends be bed buddies and still remain just friends.  Well, Jess Walters and Jake Harrington are giving it a gallant effort.  You see Jess the world traveler since the young age of thirteen when her mother passed away.  Then she needed to live with her aunt and uncle.
     Here is the thing though her aunt and uncle could not sit still.  They were world travelers but of the backpacking kind.  So, she went from two madly in love parents to a father who dies a slow and terrible death.  To a mother who dies of cancer but who not logically Jess believes willed herself to be with the love of her life.
     Jess came to believe love was never in the cards for her because she was doomed to a life of no family with no ties and no love.  That she was not worth the effort and not a good bet for she would doom it to tragedy. 
     But when she came back to London to visit her childhood home she decided to stay for her clothing line and blog.  She had a to sign a six-month lease for a warehouse and one to be in a rental to live in.  The one showing it is an American who was Skyping at the time she enters.  Which already endeared him to her because it was with his family.
     But the thing was when he looked at her and spoke to her it was with his everything.  And she knew there was something about him.  She signed the lease anyway, thinking six months she might not make and if she did it would be a miracle.
     Jake, on the other hand, had come to London after fleeing a bad friendship breakup that broke his heart.  They had been friends since one and twenty-four-years-old later they were no more.  Three years have now passed and they have still not spoken to each other. 
     He had caught her in bed with his ex-roommate from college in his home.  He could have her.  Meanwhile, no one, no one knows what exactly went down.  That no more contact happened between them that’s it.  But Drew, Jake’s brother bought a home in the Hampton’s and it turns out it is next door to Emily’s father's beach home so he calls to tell him the week that he will be there for the party week for his moving in with all their friends she will be next door.
     So, he is beside himself.  While talking to Jess he comes up with the idea that if she were to come with him she could help keep her from doing something stupid.  She actually agrees.  While they are there Jess finally hits a point where she tells him you need to talk to her and talk it out in order to get past your past.
     This book was fun it was also funny and a joy to read.  The characters were well developed and so interesting and full of a zest for life.  Friends you just want to take home and to have your back for sure.  I give this: 5++++ stars.

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