In the original Snow Queen story, the queen did much more damage than simply freezing a city. 

Gia’s stepmother was cold and distant, a woman with very definite ideas of what was acceptable and not—especially for her son, Colin. Her cruelty hurt both children but was worse for Colin, making him blind to his talents and his passion. 

Colin put as much distance as possible between his mother and himself as soon as he could, but the damage she inflicted was done. His art, something he once loved to do, now caused him pain. He had found success as an actuary and stayed in touch with Gia, but creating art was no longer a part of his life. 

Gia, a high school teacher, knows Colin is not doing work he loves. He should be painting. She watched him draw in secret for years, his talent overwhelming. Deciding she’s the only one who can help him, Gia gets Colin to agree to let her stay with him for her summer vacation. She claims she needs time and space to write, but she has two other goals as well. 

Her plan is to reintroduce art to his life and pose for him, hoping that this will change his life, and determine once and for all if his passion–and theirs–have a chance. 


   This is one of those books with a title that is given to titillate your imagination into thinking naughty thoughts when in reality this is not the case.  This one at least is a very sweet innocent loving story of a six-year step sister who fell in love with her older stepbrother.
     Really the evil stepmother was a mother to blame for them becoming so close.  She would terrorize him with her verbal abuse always.  They would both be taken to art museums with beautiful art but be told of the tragic lives the artist had and how it is not a life of a proper gentleman, especially of Colin’s standing.
     Colin loved all things are but especially drawing.  He would tell Gia all about art and draw all the time when he wasn’t at tennis, golf, or chess classes.  His eyes would light up as he would talk all things art.  Gia loved listening to him as she would be his subject a lot.  She never minded as long as he was happy.
     But Colin was smart he figured out a way to get art classes without his mother or the nanny finding out.  He signed his mother’s name to a slip of paper saying he was switching classes from chess to art classes that were in the same building.  He was able to keep his secret for two years.  Until his evil mother found out. 
     That is when all hell comes to live in their house.  She finds all his supplies and sketches and burns, rips and destroys everything.  His room looked as if a bomb went off.  She made him stand in front of a mirror and declare he hated art and that he was no good at it for a month at least.  Until one day he started breaking all the mirrors in the house. 
     When he goes to college he never comes home again.  Although he and Gia stay in contact the whole time.  Even meeting at her college dorm or at his hotel in another city but never again in Chicago.  But he couldn’t lose track of his little spitfire. 
     You see Gia was the only bright spot in his day.  She would come in every day and just sit or lay on his bed some days and say nothing.  On that day when it goes so bad for him, she told him enough as he had broken all but his mother’s mirror in the house.
     That is when Gia called her father and spoke out finally against his wife.  Those daily chants for him stopped but the damaged had been done he no longer wanted to talk art or create it.  The one thing that made him light up inside and out.
     Now all these later Gia is almost thirty and he is at most seven years older talk almost weekly if not more.  Gia had a plan.  Her father now gone and nothing to hold her in Chicago but teaching she thought of a summer with Colin.  Really a life with him.  Yup!  All these years of talking and sharing their lives she fell in love.
     Brings her virginity to the summer vacation.  She wants him to be her first but most of all she wants to bring his art back to him.  Can she do it?  I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com. 

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