OUT OF THE ASHES                                                         AMY BRUNNER

Carrie Parker can’t stay in her loveless marriage anymore. She makes the decision to leave her husband of 14 years and start over. Moving with her dog to Manhattan she begins to settle into a new life. She’s busy going through the motions of everyday living when an old friend suddenly shows up at her door.

Will O’Brien has everything; the dream job, the trophy wife, and the mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut. But when his wife Avery drops the bombshell of a lifetime on him and ends their 12-year marriage, he’s left feeling blindsided and out of control.

He seeks out an old friend. Someone who has seen him through hard times before. He knows he can count on her. What he doesn’t count on is her falling in love with him. Can he walk away from her, or has he fallen for her too?


     For how short this book is like 5o some pages I think Ms. Brunner has done a very good job of getting you to engage with her characters.
     Carrie is a woman who finds herself in a loveless marriage with a man who just doesn’t want to make an effort to be in it anymore.  It is just too much work.  It is all about him.  She had a miscarriage she had her fifteen minutes of fame now I lost my job where’s mine.  Well, when he got that new job he still wanted his time all the time.
     Carrie got tired of blowing air up his rear and getting nothing in return.  Not the kiss on the back of the neck, the hugs, or even being touched.  At all.  So, she decides to bring it up again one last time and again it was all her fault and what about his needs.  She made her course of action, got her ducks in a row and filed for divorce.  He put on the waterworks at first and she almost bought it but then the true him came out and said just to be that way.
     So, she did.  She and her dog Max move to Manhattan.  When out of the blue the man her mother had always secretly wished (not so secretly) she’d married.  Will O’Brien shows up on her doorstep.  That was strange alright but was is really strange he is carrying a suitcase and asking if she would mind a roomie for a few days.
     With his suitcase in hand, he sets up his room for the next week at least in her spare room.  Now for the really odd part.  The man is richer than sin and could stay at the finest hotels that money could buy but he comes to her place asking to stay with her.  She is totally off center with this one.
     You see his soon to be ex-wife Avery asked for a divorce and he needed to be around someone who was a friend he could trust, who wouldn’t judge him and would be there for him.  He thought of her because she had been there for him when a family friend had passed away that was like a grandmother to him.
     As he is there they fall into a routine like a couple both maintain their work and then coming together at the end of each day to make meals.  But there were other small things you will have to read about that make this sweet story believable and engaging.

I give this: 5 stars.  Got this free on Amazon.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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