THE MILLIONAIRE TEMPTED FATE                                SHIRLEY JUMP

When Angie Wilson realizes her best friend Max is planning on proposing to Miss Wrong on Valentine’s Day, Angie sets out to win his heart in ten days. From showing him her sexy side to a disastrous attempt at cooking dinner, her plan goes awry at every turn. One night, too much rum, and a hot time in Angie’s bed has Max rethinking his logical proposal to a woman who may look good on paper but isn’t the one who captures his heart like Angie does. But is he willing to risk losing his best friend in order to have the happy ending he secretly craves?


     This was a cute, friends to lovers and more story.  The two of them meet in third grade when out of nowhere he gives her a Starburst. By the way she still to this very day still has, it saved away in her childhood jewelry box.  Because on that day she lost her heart to him.  Who might that be none other than Max Blackwell.  Angie Wilson and he no matter what had to be forever friends.
     You see Max comes from a family where his father is an alcoholic and who married his best friend.  The thing about that is, they lived a lackluster marriage that his dad was only in it seemed to take out his misfortune in doing so on Max.  Making hate the thought that although he had felt since forever for Angie he wouldn’t ruin a good thing with her.
     Angie, on the other hand, was living the perfect family life until her father up and died on them.  Then her mother could just not cope with living in the home they shared and moved and moved again and again.  A pattern that just kept going to the point where Angie stopped putting their name on the mailbox. Up until then, Max would always be welcome there her parents knew his home life was not good it was a safe place for him.

     Yet, through all their moves Max kept in contact never losing track of his best friend.  When he made it big he stayed the same Max down to his list they started making in Jr. high.  Now he was almost thirty and Valentine was coming up in three days and he was wanting to marry.  He just met his current girlfriend three months ago.
     Angie is a commit a phobic and so had he been up until this point.  In fact, she had been his plus one too many of his events.  All she knew at the moment is that she has three days to tell him she is deeply in love with him and always had been but thought he was against it too.  Because at the beginning of the book she has ten days to get it done because said girlfriend to Max would be away but now she is down to the wire.

     This is very cute the methods that she goes about trying to get her man are just so funny.  But you will be surprised to find out who is really the one who is afraid to commit.  Not at all the one, I thought it would be.  Well worth the read.  Got this free on Amazon.  A little late on the read but this short is worth it.  I give this: 5 stars. Follow us at

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