The Lieutenants' Online Love


What happens when your internet crush...Shows up in real life? First Lieutenant Thane Carter has experienced great success as the senior platoon leader of a military police company at Fort Hood. But tbh, his love life stinks. Thane wishes his maddening--and off-limits--new coworker, Lieutenant Chloe Michaels, could be more like his online friend "BallerinaBaby." It's complicated, all right--especially when Thane learns that his workplace nemesis and his internet crush are one and the same!


A story of two people e-mailing back and forth similar to the got mail and the older movie with notes shop around the corner. Thane Carter is a First Lieutenant assigned to Fort Hood Military Police and is a Senior Platoon leader. He is one of three right now there should be four. Just graduating from West Point Chloe Michaels is assigned to Foot Hood also. Not knowing that they are talking to each other over the internet sometimes about the other one ads to the story. When a chance encounter between happens before she is to report for duty. There is a connection made but she is suddenly surprised by his abrupt departure and his sudden coldness in attitude towards her. Going with the flow, it is not until she reports to duty that she understands because they are working together. She is upset now because he could have at least told her. It continues to become more uncomfortable until the two online people agree to meet and like the other movies he realizes that she is the person he has been writing too. Now he must work on fixing the problem and what he does is good. The rest of the story is good leading up to the end. I liked the characters especially the two first sergeants in the story. Overall a good book. I received this book from I gave three stars. Follow us at

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