A Time of Torment (Charlie Parker #14)

A TIME OF TORMENT                                  JOHN CONNOLLY

Dangerous and driven private investigator Charlie Parker returns in the latest gripping thriller of internationally bestselling author John Connolly’s series, in which ungodly fears haunt a strange and isolated community.

Jerome Burnel was once a hero. He intervened to prevent multiple killings, and in doing so destroyed himself. His life was torn apart. He was imprisoned, brutalized.

But in his final days, with the hunters circling, he tells his story to private detective Charlie Parker. He speaks of the girl who was marked for death, but was saved; of the ones who tormented him, and an entity that hides in a ruined stockade.

Parker is not like other men. He died, and was reborn. He is ready to wage war.

Now he will descend upon a strange, isolated community called the Cut, and face down a force of men who rule by terror, intimidation, and murder.

All in the name of the being they serve. All in the name of the Dead King.


Usually, I am good with the Charlie Parker series having read eight of the previous books, I have come to understand or think I have the character. This book for some reason I really could not get into and thought it was just me so after I read it once I spent some time away from it and came back again for a second reading and was left with the same feeling as I was with the first time. Disappointment, going back and rereading book 13 thinking maybe I was missing something I was still not following were the author was taking the reader. At least in the other books, you could at least pick up something from the last book but I felt like none of that was in this book. I had no problem with the darkness of the character for that it where he had been going. A good story just not what I was expecting. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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