Project Fire - Cutting-Edge Techniques and Sizzling Recipes from the Caveman Porterhouse to Salt Slab Brownie S'Mores

PROJECT FIRE                                               STEVEN RAICHLEN

A modern approach to grilling from Steven Raichlen, America’s “master griller” (Esquire). With 100 recipes, Project Fire shows how to put the latest grilling methods to work—from spit-roasting to salt-grilling—using favorite ingredients and adding a dash of daring in flavors, technique, and presentation.

Where there’s Smoke there’s Fire! And where there’s fire, there’s Steven Raichlen. Following the breakout success of Project Smoke, the New York Times bestseller that brought Raichlen’s Barbecue! Bible® series to a new generation, comes Project Fire—a stunning, full-color celebration of the best of contemporary grilling from America’s master of live-fire cooking.
No one knows his way around a grill like Steven Raichlen, and no one is better equipped to teach us how to deliver its best performance. Drawing on a combination of classic and boldly contemporary techniques, here are 100 inspired recipes that capture the full range of what grillers want to cook today. Consider your basic steak. Raichlen starts with the iconic—T-bone grilled over direct heat, smartly tattooed with grill marks and lavished, the way the pros do it, with sizzling beef fat. Then he teaches a technique new to most of us—reverse-searing, which allows you to grill a monster steak, like a beef tomahawk, to perfection while also imparting a haunting smoky flavor. Of course, there’s a Caveman Sirloin—meat seared right on the coals, as dramatic as grilling gets. Plus here’s how to blow-torch a veal chop. Spit-roast whole cauliflower on a rotisserie. Grill mussels in hay, squash on a salt slab, salmon steaks on a shovel over a campfire.
From breakfast (Bacon and Egg Quesadilla) to cocktails (Grilled Sangria), from veggies (Caveman Cabbage and Smoke-Roasted Carrots) to dessert (Grilled “PiƱa Colada” and Cedar Planked Pears with Amaretti and Marscapone), Project Fire offers a radically righteous new take on live-fire cooking from the man who reinvented modern American grilling. 


Another outstanding book by a fantastic author, and one that not only comes up with different recipes for each book but also something a little different. In this one, the beginning once again talks about the gear you will need but also how the different upgrade especially in the thermometers which have now gone to digital, as well as the old fashion kind. It is really up to you. He also goes over all of the types of grills out on the market and the difference between them and what each one is best at. He also goes into the price of each and lets you know that it is not the grill or the amount you spend on it, but how you decide to use it and the time you spend cooking with it that will make any type of grill the best if you chose. He also goes over the different types of wood also. There is a lot of information just like his other books just in the beginning. Once you get to the recipes and the grill there are many that I probably won’t try this time just because of my own preference. Now the ones with the pizza I will try because I already have different stones already, his cooking bread on the grill I have already been doing that, but I will say you might want to watch that the first time you try it because my grill temp was high and would have burned if I was not there watching. That goes for any grill if you are not going to watch it there is no point in spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars if you think you can just walk away unless you are smoking, but I have cooked turkey’s, ham, bread and many other different items on the grill because of this author, and this book is another good book to go along with his other ones. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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