Before Daylight (One Night in South Beach #4)

BEFORE DAYLIGHT                                     ANDIE J. CHRISTOPHER

Perfect Strangers 
Ballerina Laura Delgado is just one solo away from a dream job with the New York City Ballet. Then a drunken pas de deux at her cousin’s wedding results in the one thing she never wanted—a husband. TV producer Charlie Laughlin may be deliciously kissable, but she needs him offstage now, and out of her life. 

Perfect Disaster
Charlie’s ready for marriage and kids, and on the lookout for just the right woman. Laura doesn’t fit the bill at all—but Charlie can’t stop thinking about the sultry way they moved together. And he can’t help but wonder if he can change the gorgeous dancer’s mind about leaving Miami with heated kisses that promise as much as they demand . . .

Perfect Partners 
Annulling their sham marriage is all Laura wants—until she gets to New York and realizes that leaving Charlie behind is easier said than done. Can a relationship that began as a hot mistake become the kind of love that will last forever?


Laura Delgado has been dreaming of her whole life for the chance to be the prima ballerina, to do the solo. Now recovering from an injury and finally having that chance and the opportunity to go to New York and dance there as well. Her dreams are all coming apart because some way or another she got married at her cousins' wedding. She does not remember getting married but her grandfather is showing her the paperwork. Now chasing down the groom and asking him to sign annulment papers he, Charlie Laughlin does not want to sign but wants to stay married to Laura. He thinks she is the most beautiful women he has ever seen. She agrees to go out to dinner with him one time in order for him to sign the papers. She has a great time and she notices that not only does he focus on her but when a waiter gives her more attention he becomes jealous. Confused by his actions the rest of the story is Laura trying to understand the reason why two people want to be together when all she sees in her life is anger and disappointment, not love. She is confused by Charlie’s words and actions even to the point of when he travels to New York she is confused about what to do. Find out what she does and the reasons for all of her issues with love of the heart. I will say they are some very good scenes that she has with some people that she meets and the words she uses are classic, I don’t want to give away the story but she has moments that make up for her confusion. Overall a good book with good characters. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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