Love Like Crazy (A Love & Harmony Romance #2)

LOVE LIKE CRAZY                                         CRYSTAL B. BRIGHT

The closest Avery Shields expects to get to the music industry is her janitor position at Charisma recording studio, and singing secretly in her local karaoke bar. Working two jobs and studying full-time, she’s doing all she can to earn her parents’ trust after making mistakes in high school. But now a gorgeous stranger is filling her head with dreams of singing professionally—and filling her nights with desire…
Lazarus Kyson’s A&R career took a hit after he was wrongfully accused of harassment. To restore his reputation, he needs to discover a new talent. And when he least expects it, there she is: singing while she cleans the Charisma offices. As stubborn as she is talented, she refuses to audition. If he wants Avery—her voice and her heart—he’ll have to open himself up for the first time for a love too crazy good to let go...


This book opens with the ending from the last book and Laz Kayson career coming to an end. Wanting to find the next singing sensation he remembers hearing someone and travels to that town. Avery Shields wanted to be a singer at one time but those dreams were shattered now she is finishing school and helping her father with his nightly janitor duties. She is surprised one night by Laz not knowing who he is. He ends up the next day getting her fired from her waitress job and now must talk his way into her believing who he is and what he can do for her. He does at a local club and everything seems to be going well until a meeting in New York for a record label she does not like and with the girl from the beginning of the book who makes it out like she and Laz were an item. It is not until later that she finds out by the girl that nothing happened and she is back with no career, and no Laz. She at least will graduate from college. Now the ending of this story and all of the in between are good. The way the author has Laz and Avery come together is really what makes this story, and the guy who owns the pig shack. Now if that won’t get you to read this book I don’t know what else will. I got this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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