Branded by Fire (Star Canyon #2)

BRANDED BY FIRE                                        TINA LEONARD

Dr. Kayla Wright has lived on the outside of Star Canyon’s social circles for years, unlike her vivacious sister, Jenny—yet Kayla’s always been drawn to handsome and sexy Romero Dark. But Kayla knows that her attraction to Romero can never mean anything, not with her reputation in Star Canyon—and especially not with her knowing an explosive secret about the Dark family’s father, the beloved Captain Dark, who died mysteriously in a warehouse fire the year prior. 

But when the passion between Kayla and Romero bursts into flame, Kayla knows she’s done the unthinkable. She can’t stop herself from being near Romero, yet she knows it’s not possible for her to devote herself to him under these circumstances. Will Kayla stay quiet about Captain Dark, or risk losing Romero’s love forever when she tells him the real story about a night Star Canyon has never forgotten?


A story about two people who are working in a relationship while the town still recovers from the fire in the last book. Also from the loss of the fire captain but there are some strange going on around the fire and the missing person? Did he or did he not perish in the fire? This will all effect Dr. Kayla Wright who had been hoping to start a romance with Romero Dark. But what she thinks she had seen was about Captain Dark and just as they get hot with body heat does she want to put out the flame with something she thinks she saw? Will Romero listen or will he just walk away? Read this hot story to find out. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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