SCENTS and SENSUALITY (A Romantic Comedy)

SCENTS AND SENSUALITY                          JOAN REEVES

Amanda knows the Science of Smell.

Harrison knows the Science of Computers.

But what about the Science of Sex Appeal? Pulsing, throbbing, will-no-be-denied sex appeal!

They discover first-hand that Desire leads to Sex... Passion... Love!


A fun story about one science women who is told by her friends to dress different and to act differently as well. Amanda is not allowed to talk to science, or anything pertaining to that field she is to look beautiful and to catch a guy at her friend’s wedding and have fun for a change. Harrison is a computer geek and tired of his mother’s matchmaking has taken ugly clothes to a new level and even pulled out the pocket protector. This all goes haywire on his part when he meets Amanda and is blown away by her beauty. Now feeling like an ass he continues with the ruse instead of telling her that he really has great clothes and a good taste. This all goes down in a ball of flames when she ends up in his closet that is bigger than hers and has more cloths. Fuming the perfumer now is working on a scent in her factory that smells well you need a gas mask for, this would be for his house. Would she really use it in his place? What is Harrison going to do to fix things now? Read this fun entertaining story to find out. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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