Growing up as the privileged daughter of two doctors, Jasmine Kingford always thought the housekeeper's son was hot-and the feeling was mutual. But back then there were lines they couldn't cross. Good thing they're all grown up now and in the same wedding party . . .
As best man for a fellow firefighter, Leo Trask is floored to discover the maid-of-honor is a blast from his past. One that ignites fireworks that have been brewing for years. Soon enough, he and Jasmine are having a very private, all-night-long celebration of their own and it's clear neither wants it to end there . . .

Jasmine's all too happy to finally shed her pampered princess demeanor with Leo. What she finds is a connection-and a complication-she didn't expect. Leo's the opposite of the nine-to-five guy she planned on. She wants a nursing career, kids, and a man who's home by dinnertime. Leo's an irresistible bad boy with a dangerous, unpredictable job. And he's everything she never knew she wanted, and more . . .

“Jazz, I can’t tell you that if we don’t work out I’m going to be smiling and waving you off to the next man in your life either. In fact, the thought of you dating anybody I know makes me feel homicidal. Nix touching your hair almost pushed me over the edge and I know that there wasn’t anything going on there…at least for you.”
Jasmine reached over and ran her fingers over Leo’s scruffy jaw, “Leo, thinking of you dating any of the pole bunnies that stalk the guys at the station makes me want to scream, so I get what you mean.”
“So, we’re good?” Leo asked, his eyes locked on her own.
“Yeah, I think we are.” Jasmine felt her body warm at the heated look he gave her. “Now, are you gonna take me inside and see what underwear I’m wearing today or do you plan on saying something else that will piss me off?”
Jasmine laughed when Leo hopped out of the truck without a word and quickly made his way over to her door to help her down. When he reached in for her she grabbed his hands to steady herself but was surprised when he moved his large palms to her waist.
“Jazz…this is just the beginning,” Leo said seriously before lifting her slightly so she leaned against his body as she slid down.
“I’m ready when you are,” Jazz whispered before raising her face for the first of many kisses.

Broke college student Winter Snow wants Christmas to be over. Thanks to her annoying name, this time of year always leaves her feeling Scrooged. The only cheer she wants is cold hard cash from her mall cleaning job—until a surprise offer from a hunky firefighter sparks one sizzling midnight temptation . . .

William Holiday needs a replacement elf for his fire station’s fund-raiser. Convincing Winter she's perfect for the part—and giving her some one-on-one training—is a task he’s happy to take on. Because her irrepressible smarts and luscious curves are making this seductive Saint Nick want to deliver all night long . . .

Winter isn't betting on more than an X-rated Xmas fling. But Will plans to show her they have more in common than their quirky last names—enough to keep their wildest holiday wishes coming true . . .

“Miss?” The words came through Winter’s earbuds faintly, but she heard them. She turned to see who had interrupted her.
Holy shit. The tall, dark and handsome god in front of her looked like a version of Captain America with a heavier five-o’clock shadow on his jaw. That chiseled area almost screamed at her to run kisses up and down the line.
“I’m sorry. Did you need something?” she asked as she pulled one of the earbuds out.
“I don’t mean to interrupt you, but Larry told me who you were and I thought I would introduce myself.”
Winter’s brain was scrambling to figure out why he thought he needed to talk to her. She wanted to kick herself when she noticed he still had his hand out, waiting for her to shake.
“I’m sorry. My name’s Winter Snow. Nice to meet you.” Shaking his hand, she hoped she didn’t reek of the lemon cleaner she’d been using earlier.
“Snow?” Amusement filled his gaze. “I’m Will Holiday. It seems like from our names, we were destined to meet. We’re hosting the annual Santa charity this year to raise money for some new equipment down at the station,” he said, a sexy grin taking over his full lips.

I am an avid reader and it was my love for books that turned me onto writing. My writing is often done when the kids are at school, the laundry is folded and put away and there are no more errands to keep me away from my laptop. 

The Warriors of Phaeton series is a product of my love for sci-fi and the idea that there is someone out there for everyone...even if it’s not on Earth. The series is made up of hot yet awkward males looking to repopulate their race using Earth females. There is political intrigue, space shenanigans, bad bridal matches, and of course, HEA. (as a writer I never skip the HEA)

My second series is the Braving the Heat series and started off with a small Christmas themed novella that I never believed was destined to be more than just that. Creating a series off, Melting Snow has been an amazing, terrifying and awesome experience. Writing about Larryville, which is based off, of Lawrence, Kansas, has allowed me to recreate the fantastical little town where my husband and I met in college. For obvious reasons these characters have become very near and dear to my heart.

I hope you enjoy my creations just as much as I have. Happy reading :)

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