Accidents Will Happen


However vulnerable she felt, he knew how to make it worse. 'Would you like me to decide how many strokes you deserve? I'll tell you what. You think how many you deserve and I will as well. If my number is less than yours we will do yours and if yours is less than mine we will do both. Well? 'Oh, I don't know. Eight?' He laughed. 'Well I'm glad you take your disobedience so seriously. I was only thinking of another three, but if you want eight then eight it shall be . . .' Julie Markham embarks on a game whose rules she does not know, and over three short days her life is turned upside down. On Friday she had been at work, confident, secure and happily engaged to be married. By Monday, she was crouching naked on a cold floor and suffering the ultimate humiliations any man or woman can demand. The two days in between had been the best of her life. By the author of Displays of Experience. 


A very different book about sex. The beginning has Julie Markham having a fantasy, and then the next week at work she goes into the office of Peter Harrison saying that she needs help with a file that she has done the work all wrong. Telling her he will think about helping her, a few days later she goes back to him saying that she will do anything he wants. With a written letter stating that she will really be his slave for the beginning of Friday after work to Monday at 9:00 am Julie has now put herself into a game that she was not expecting. The story then takes you through different forms of what are described as sexual pleasures for some and degrading for others, but Julie signed the paper she also wrote it. This begins as something you as the reader think is innocent and fun and takes a different turn by the weekend. When she is his slave and must do anything he wants by anyone male or female, and each degradation is a little more than the last. But when you get to the end you find something out that gives you a little smile for Julie and makes you think that Peter really was the one who got played. An interesting story with very graphic scenes so be aware. Good writing though. I received this book from I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at

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