Stiff Discipline (Carnal Mischief #1)

STIFF DISCIPLINE                                       EMBER COLE

When a gorgeous new tenant slips into my office the night of her twenty-first birthday with only one thing on her mind, I know I should send her on her way. Even if the thought of her tied up and at my mercy makes me ache.

I’m a harsh, demanding man, and Kymber’s too young, too innocent. A goddamn virgin. I hate myself for even thinking about stealing what should belong to another. 

So I do the honorable thing. I walk away. 

My babygirl is just as stubborn as me, though. Twenty-two years in the military, my discipline never faltered. Not once. And yet the feel of her trembling against me, begging for my permission, makes me lose all control. 

Her innocent touch kick starts my battered heart. But my past left me with an emptiness I can’t fill, and I’ll be damned if I let my darkness destroy her light…


This story has Kymber who is out with her friend celebrating her birthday and striking out at finding a guy to hook up with. Her friend, roommate suggests that they go back to their apartment and get her dolled up so she can go downstairs and seduce the supper, Adam. Sounds great, the problem is when she gets downstairs and says she forgot her keys the man she meets is not the supper but the owner Daniel. He is a retired Lt. Colonel and after 22 years in the military what she does next should not surprise him when she asks him to take her upstairs and have sex with. His response is thanks but no. He does take her upstairs and they do more than a kiss before he leaves. When the next night she shows up again downstairs and this time after taking off her jacket and kneeling on the floor with her hands behind her back he cannot refuse her. What the author does with this short story is give both their lives plus a look at the sons and her friends, and she makes everything work. Everything seems fast but it is really slow and that is what makes this book work along with the characters. A very good book. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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