Billionaire Cowboy's Conquest


Sidelined from his rodeo career by an injury, billionaire Texas rancher Hunter Knight returns to home to find the staff overworked and the office a mess. He hates paperwork, so he's pleased to hear his sister has hired an office manager. But when he finds out it's Jessica Sinclair, his sister's party-girl best friend from college, he's not happy and wants her fired. Even worse than her partying past, he's attracted to her. Burned once by his gold-digging, city woman of an ex-wife, he has no interest in playing with fire.

Dogged by a past that won't let her go, Jessica arrives at the ranch with a plan: excel as an office manager, stay away from the bulls, and no cowboys. Her father died when thrown from a bull when she was a kid, so avoiding them is key. Cowboys, well, they're just as dangerous as the bulls. Then there's Hunter Knight, part owner of the Double K ranch. This stubborn cowboy can ruin everything by sending her away before she can earn a single penny. Buying time with a proposal solves one problem but leads her straight into riskier territory, fighting an attraction to the bull-riding billionaire boss.

Can this city girl and cowboy survive the wildest ride of their lives?


I must say I was not pleased with the character Hunter Knight. He was nowhere anything in the definition of a cowboy or a man. When he finds out that his sister hired her former college roommate Jessica Sinclair. All he can remember is that she was a party girl. Of course, that was years ago but he cannot let it go just like he can’t let go of the idea that every woman who comes from the city is after his money like his first wife was. That was ten years ago, but he still has not let that go, so he rides Jessica with demeaning insults after he hires her and then begins to tell her what she can and cannot wear. This is where I still kept reading but really disliked the character because as a father of three girls, now women I am tired of fighting schools and other entities on what girls, women can and cannot wear when there is no restriction on males. Sorry, that being said he remains a jerk for most of the book and when he does start becoming human he has one more melt which leads her to flee the ranch. This is a good thing because she is able with the help of a woman to take care of a problem from her past and the person who created it. Also, he cannot find her even as he tries, she is still working on fixing her, and he realizes his mistake when he notices that the money he paid her is still on his desk. Now he must do something. The ending of the book helps all of the middles by giving her, her power back and is really the only saving grace. I received this book from I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at

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