Resort to Love (Paradise Key, #3)

RESORT TO LOVE                                          PRISCILLA OLIVERAS

Paradise Key Resort holds the best and the worst of Sofía Vargas’s adolescent memories of love and heartbreak. Now, she hopes to wipe the slate clean and boost her career from resort manager to owner by winning a quirky town contest. But when an old flame throws his hat into the ring, Sofía realizes that protecting her heart will be the biggest challenge.

Nathan Patrick Hamilton III has played the part of the good son all his life with one exception—indulging in a secret on again-off again relationship with Sofia in high school and college, knowing that family duty would eventually tear them apart.

Years later, Nathan feels like he finally has a chance to win back the girl of his dreams and right the way he wronged her. But Sofía doesn’t trust or forgive easily and it’s going to take more than kooky town hall meetings, an emergency trip back to Key West, stolen kisses and a re-creation of their first date, for him to even be in the running. Is the ultimate prize the resort or winning back Sofía's heart?


Sofia Vargas has gone back to the place where she was happy as a teenager, and now she hopes that she will be able to buy the rundown resort. Hoping that no one else would want to bid on this property she is surprised to see the man who a boy was standing looking at her. Nathaniel Patrick Hamilton III is thinking that he must be dreaming but he knows he is not. It is the girl now women that he has always been in love with, and who he hurt years ago. Sofia does not forget what he did to her when she thought he was going to propose her but instead it was to another woman because it would help the family business. Not wanting to think about it she must now only hope that he is not here to try and bid for the same property as she, for she cannot go up against the Hamilton money. A wonderful story about young love lost loves and can love be found again. Also how much is family worth, enough to walk away for the one you love or stay with family? Read this wonderful story and find out. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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