Cinderella Blue (San Antone Two-Step #2)

CINDERELLA BLUE                                      JOAN REEVES

Too bad, because Detective Andrea Luft--Andie to her friends--loves those 3 little words--especially when she's saying them to a "bad guy" who SO deserves it. Like the thief stealing designer wedding gowns from San Antonio bridal boutiques. 

Andie is an undercover bride about to make an arrest when Detective Bruce Benton barges onto the scene. The suspect escapes, and, as a reward for this screw-up, Benton and Andie are paired together as partners to close the case. 

On the surface, this mismatched duo appears to have only one thing in common: their tendency to annoy each other. Underneath though, desire sizzles. Is it just a matter of time before these two commitment-phobic cops yield to the inevitable? 


A fun book from the very beginning to the last page. With a strong female lead Detective Andie Luft. She is in the process of nabbing a thief who stealing wedding dresses. When she pulls her weapon from her grater lo and behold Detective Bruce Benton is standing outside on the sidewalk looking first at her legs and back to realizing she must be holding up the store, rushing in and telling her to drop her weapon only begins a yelling match between the two of them and when it ends Andie has put Bruce on the ground, and the talk of his unit, not in a good way. She, of course, lost her suspect and is more than upset. Her anger goes to a new level the next day when she is transferred temporally to his unit and they are to work the case together. Can they even stand to be together let alone work together? Read this fun fast-paced story and see what happens. A good book with good characters also. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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