The Army Ranger's Surprise (The Men of At Ease Ranch #5)


Army brat Kaydee Wagner gets twitchy if she stays in one place for too long. But when her grandfather needs someone to stay with him for a bit and his home needs a lot of repairs, she steps up to the plate.

Lucky for her, help arrives from their neighbor’s gorgeous grandson, former Army Ranger Leo Reed.

Leo’s desperate to rise above his dark past and enjoy life again. He’s already made a lot of progress, so when the woman he can’t stop thinking about needs a handyman, he volunteers. But after a very...wet incident involving deadly dance moves and a wayward sink hose, their clothes hit the floor faster than a stack of tile.

He doesn’t want forever—that would mean revealing his past, which he’s not ready to do. She only wants right now, because any other option would require sticking around.

And then Kaydee discovers she’s pregnant.


This was a fast and quick read. Leo and Kaydee or dealing with issues from their pasts. His is PTSD and hers is always moving and never being able to make friends because her father was in the Army, and for her, it felt like they moved all the time. Now the two of them meet because each is helping their grandparent. He is helping his grandmother and her, her grandfather. Kaydee feels something for Leo and she knows he feels it too, but now she must go slowly. He offers to help her with some of the repairs that need to be done in her grandfather’s place, and she agrees. Everything is going well until Leo gets scared and panics because of his fears of being close to someone. He leaves, when Kaydee finds out that she is pregnant she now fears to tell him will drive him farther away. What will happen with these two people? This is a wonderful story and the characters in this book are very good. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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