Fast Justice (DEA FAST #6)

FAST JUSTICE                                                KAYLEA CROSS

Rowan Stewart walked away from the love of a lifetime to focus on the demands of her job as Assistant US Attorney. Now she’s working on the biggest case of her career, prosecuting one of the Veneno cartel’s most notorious members. Except the case presents unexpected challenges—including the man she can’t forget…and a threat she could not foresee. 

But this time, it could cost her life. 

Special Agent Malcolm Freeman is FAST Bravo’s point man. On an op he’s the first one through the door, leading the way for his team. Professionally, he’s at the top of his game. His personal life is a different story. After Rowan ripped his heart out a year ago he closed himself off to any relationships. When fate throws them together he steps up to ensure she’s protected, even though it might mean getting his heart broken again. But protection isn’t enough. The enemy is determined to use Rowan to get what they want. With her life hanging in the balance, Malcolm and his team race to find her before it’s too late. 

He lost her once. He can’t lose her now. This time, failure is not an option. 


The next book in the DEA fast series has U.S. Assistant Attorney Rowan Stewart being assigned her most important case of her career. The problem she has when she walks in is that the man she has to work with part of the time is the man she walked away from. Special Agent Malcolm Freeman was not pressuring her for anything, she was pressuring herself and because of that she got up one morning and told him she cannot do this anymore and broke it off, afraid that he would want more, or she would want more. Always following her father’s footsteps she now finds herself right back where she started. Looking at the man she is still in love with but wanting the job and the promotion that goes with it. When the daughter of the drug cartel walks in and says she is turning herself in and will help as much as she can no one believes her. For weeks it goes that way until her mother is killed, they find the tracking device that her father had put into her how, and then Stewart’s car is blown up but her brother is the one how is hurt not her. She begins to look more and more at her life again and again and what she walked away from, or the possibility of. Love, children, and being with someone that cares for you. What will she do especially when Malcolm tells her he loves her and does not understand why she left? A very good story with many storylines and just when you think you are getting close to capturing the scorpion, not. A good book to go along with the series. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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