Fast Vengeance (DEA FAST #7)

FAST VENGEANCE                                        KAYLEA CROSS

Victoria Gomez had a successful career as an investigative journalist, until a cartel boss she exposed destroyed her entire world in retaliation. She lost everything, including her family and her freedom. Since her brutal captivity she’s been in witness protection, picking up the shattered pieces of her life and struggling to put the past behind her as she moves on. But there’s one man she can’t forget. The night of her rescue an elite DEA agent helped pull her out of hell. Now time is running short for them. They have no chance at a future, but she can’t keep her distance any longer. Even if it means suffering more heartbreak when she’s forced to leave him behind and walk away forever. 

He’s about to face his own. 

As FAST Bravo’s team leader, Brock Hamilton is used to being in charge and calling the shots. He was there the night Victoria was rescued. Since then they’ve forged a bond that has grown stronger every day—and neither of them can ignore the electric pull any longer. Yet just as they’ve found a fleeting happiness together, duty pulls them apart too soon. When a twist of fate lands him a prisoner of the same cartel responsible for all of Victoria’s anguish, it will take all Brock’s strength to survive. And if he does, it will mean living without the woman who owns his heart. 


This book is about the journalist Victoria Gomez who was talked about in the other books. In this one, it begins with her and her family celebrating the publication of her article. Then after a few moments, her life is forever changed when the cartel comes in and kidnaps her but not before she sees what happens to her family. It is weeks before the Fast bravo team can find her and rescue her but the damage has been done to her and on the night of her rescue, she clings to the man who rescued her, Brock Hamilton. He is the team leader and though he wants to be with his team he knows that by the way, she will not let go of him that he must stay with her on the helicopter to the hospital. Now months later he has grown to like her strength, courage, perseverance, to fight back. They realize that their bound has grown into something more but neither speaks to the other one about it. Afraid that the feelings shared will scare the other one. These feelings, emotions, are all put to the test when Brock himself is taken prisoner by the same cartel while protecting witnesses against it. Now knowing what he will be going through Victoria decides to fight back for the one person left in her life that is still alive. Watch out drug cartel. A very good story to go along with the other books in the series. I really liked these two characters. I gave this book 5 stars. Follow us at

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