The Brave Ones: A Memoir of Hope, Pride, and Military Service

THE BRAVE ONES                                          MICHAEL J. MACLEOD

How does the US Army mold a video-game generation with its thumbs on the joystick into a proud fighting force with its fingers on the trigger—and lives on the line—in America’s War on Terror? Michael J. MacLeod, already an accomplished professional photographer and journalist, decided to find out the hard way: by enlisting in the armed forces at age forty-one. What he observed and experienced as an embedded reporter and a serving soldier makes for an unflinching and inspiring portrait of endurance, sacrifice, discipline, and courage.

From the trials of basic training on the home front to the ranks of the legendary 82nd Airborne Division to taking fire in the hot zones of Iraq and Afghanistan, MacLeod chronicles the soldier’s evolution as only one who’s been in those boots can. Candid, wise, and powerful, his memoir takes readers on an unforgettable journey through war and allows them to witness bravery firsthand.


The author of this book enlisted at age 41 and now he gives an excellent look into his journey and that of the new generation of young men and women going on to fight terrorists. He starts with the reason why for his decision and also a look at boot camp and the young soldiers he will be with. He is with the 82nd Airborne so you also get a look at their training as well. He gives you a look into the lives of some of the soldier’s, what their home life was like and such and why they enlisted. He also describes some of the problems once deployed as far as when to engage and when not to that part seemed too much for men who are making life and death decisions because someone back in Washington wants it a certain way, but that is a different book. This one is an excellent book to all of the services regardless and was done with care and regard to all. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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