The Runaway Princess Bride (Castles of Dallas Book 3)


After making a serious misjudgment about the man she was about to marry, Cara escaped to the one place she always felt safe–her family’s ranch. She wants to evade the paparazzi and hide her near-disastrous mistake from her family, while she tries to figure out what's next. 

In need of peace after a tumultuous year supervising the building of Castle's first technology store, Aidan Castle escapes to the Double L Ranch. When he enters the den, he's shocked to find a woman sleeping in a wedding dress. Worse, he recognizes her as the beautiful socialite he kissed at Castle's costume ball. He'd felt that night was special and when Cara left, he'd lost a little piece of his heart. 

Cara has no place to go, and Aidan’s not sure he wants to kick her out. When a winter storm traps them in, their attraction and bond become undeniable. Cara opens up and Aidan can't resist playing white knight and offering to scrub all details of her secret love life to save grace with her powerful brother. But then, he discovers secrets that make him question everything. Can he trust her? 


This the third book in the series and I found this one to be much like the first one. You met Cara who is Nico’s sister and was in book two. She was supposed to get married, but now she is in Texas and Aiden Castle is looking at her and trying to figure out why she is here and not married in Italy. Once he gets some information out of her it looks like Trey her fiancĂ© is a con artist and now it is up to Aiden and a few of his web friends to out him before his sister’s wedding and before Cara loses any money. What really makes this book is the relationship that began in the second book between Cara and Aiden, and this relationship only gets better between them in this book. It is the banter between the two main character’s that make this story and keeps this story going from the beginning to the end. A very good book. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us

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