Roughing the Player (Chicago Outlaws #2)

ROUGHING THE PLAYER                            MAGDA ALEXANDER

After a wild party brings the wrong kind of notoriety to quarterback Brock Parker, his team trades him to the Chicago Outlaws--as backup. At this point, he’ll never make the hall of fame. Brock’s one consolation is beautiful, hot Ellie Adams. His new sports agent, his high school tutor. The girl who got away. 

Most Straitlaced Stick in the Mud 

As a teenager, whip-smart Eleanor Adams had fallen for Brock with disastrous consequences. But she’d picked herself up, dusted him off, and moved on. Now a sports agent, she won’t risk her chance at success. Least of all, to the playboy jock who almost ruined her life. 

Most Notorious Scandal 

But when another scandal threatens Brock’s spot on the team, Ellie moves in with him to save his career. Big mistake. Because she still has the hots for him. And the league’s most notorious bad boy hasn't lost the knack of getting under her skirt. 


Brock Parker was a backup quarterback and leads his team to the playoffs, so he was expecting a new contract not to be traded to Chicago. Not having any choice in the matter if he wants to continue to play football he moves to Chicago. In Chicago the one person that Eleanor Adams does not want to meet is Brock. In high school, she was his tutor and then before the year was over her family moved. Now working for the sports agent the represents him she is in charge with his move. This does not go as planned and now she is having to spend more time with him. She also is keeping a secret from him and is hoping that he does not find out. Once the secret is out is up to both of them to work past their fears or fall apart. A very good book with good characters. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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