The Firefighter's Pretend Fiancée (Shadow Creek, Montana #5)


Leaving Shadow Creek nine years ago was the hardest thing Molly Mayberry’s ever had to do…except maybe returning. She’s never regretted her choice, but a chance of a lifetime position at the local hospital means going home and facing her past, including her shrew of an estranged mother and the fiancé she ran out on. Ben Matthews is still the sexy, sweet man she left behind…and apparently still her fiancé.

Ben has been doggedly pursuing the position of fire chief since he was a teenager. There’s just one problem—he has to show his boss he’s ready to settle down. No matter how silly the condition, Ben will make it happen. And apparently so will his brother when he opens his mouth and decides to tell everyone Ben and Molly are engaged. Now the one woman he never stopped loving is living with him in a fake relationship, driving him crazy. Pretending only reminds him how right they were once, but if Ben gives in to the heat building between them, heartache is sure to follow.


Molly Mayberry is back home after nine years and she figures her fiancé from back then Ben is probably married and has children, she is wrong. He is still single still in love with the one women who broke his heart and is now standing on the sidewalk and apologizing for spilling coffee on him. Molly so wants to tell him to want happening back then nine years ago, but she is afraid of how he will take the news. Seeing him was better than seeing her mother who throughout the book is really not a nice person to her daughter. She even embarrasses her or tries too in front of a group of people. She and Ben fake their engagement to help his mother who is recovering from a surgery and also he trying for a promotion to fire chief. What really happens is that two people find themselves and the love and strength they had is still there. Molly has other relationships to fix besides Ben, she also must work on the ones with her two sisters. When you find out everything you realize just how wrong and evil the mother was and are. Overall a good book. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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